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Why Adopt

Why Adopt a Rescue Dog

Most dogs were turned in to shelters or rescues through no fault of their own.  It's a huge misconception that they're "damaged goods" or by adopting one you'll be "inheriting someone else's problems".  Of course there are dogs that have a little extra baggage from their previous life, but that's the power of the canine spirit - every day is a fresh start, they're willing to forgive and eager to learn what love is!

  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get (aka WYSIWYG) - The dog's personality, temperament and physical characteristics have developed, so it's easier to "meet your match".  No need to worry that your cuddly pup will grow to exceed your apartment weight restrictions.  Or find out down the road that what you hoped would be a sporty pal to accompany you on long hikes really prefers to be a cuddly couch potato.  Our dogs have been living in foster homes, so we can get a much better idea of their personality, temperament and energy level to help you find the perfect match.
  • Training - Many dogs are housebroken, know basic commands and will sleep through the night.  Not so with an itty-bitty puppy.
  • Vetting  - Unlike dogs who have been "purchased," our adopted dogs have had physicals, are up-to-date on shots and have been spayed/neutered, saving you another immediate outlay of money.  Any known medical issues are disclosed prior to adoption, leaving less room for medical surprises.
  • Loyalty - You might be the first one to show love and affection after a lifetime of abuse, neglect or indifference.  You'll be rewarded with a lifetime of love and loyalty.
  • Saving a Life - Millions of perfectly adoptable animals are put down in American shelters every year.  You're providing a home to one of the lucky ones who got out, thereby allowing the rescue to save another.

Why Adopt a Senior

You didn't think we could resist giving a special plug for the seniors, did you?  Ask many of our foster families and they'll tell you they prefer fostering the seniors because they're so easy.  Here's why they deserve a little extra consideration!

  • Generally, seniors are quieter and more laid back - they've had a few extra years to perfect the art of snuggling!
  • Senior dogs are usually the first to be killed in shelters. Most people go for the puppies, so seniors rarely stand a chance.
  • Those who are hard of hearing bark less, if at all.
  • Many seniors can fit in just about anywhere - from homes with retirees to those with young kids.
  • By adopting an older dog, you can make a statement about compassion and the value of all life at all ages!