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Are you looking for a beautiful black and tan girl to make your family complete?  Look no further than 8 year old Pucci!  Sadly, a family member in her last home became allergic to her so she's now scoping out new families to join.

Pucci is a pleasure to be around.  She got along wonderfully with the 3-year-old child in her previous home.  She also gets along great with other dogs of all ages, sizes and temperament, rides perfectly in the car and is housebroken.  This little princess is also the typical cocker lap dog and loves to sleep next to her special person at night.  To meet her is to love her!

Pucci had severe ear problems when she came to OBG, so she had to have a procedure called an "ear ablation."  What this means is that her ear canals had to be removed.  The good news about this procedure is that she doesn't need her ears cleaned and she won't be getting those pesky ear infections that cockers are so prone to get!  She is deaf, but you would never guess it to be around her in the house.  Her foster family swears she hears better than the other dogs who have their ear canals!  LOL. (Deaf dogs feel vibrations and respond to them as if they can hear).

Pucci will cry a little when her people first leave the house.  We think she is just protesting any time you leave and don't take her along!  Fortunately, she settles down after her initial protests and behaves well while her people are gone.

Pucci's foster parents can't understand why no one has scooped up this treasurer for adoption.  Are you the one that Pucci has been waiting for all this time?