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Cola may be the chocolate treat you can't resist!  While chocolates are tempting to most, we think this girl is simply irresistible.  She definitely catches the attention of people while on her walks.  At 5 years old, she's in the prime of her life!

Cola comes complete with lots of sweetness that will undoubtedly enrich your life.  She is a true Velcro pup.  This girl gets rave reviews from the volunteers who have met her.  She LOVES to play fetch.  She will bring the ball back and nudge you gently with her nose to encourage further play.  Her tail wags like crazy.  Who can resist that?

Cola has earned free roam of the house when her foster is away because she does not get into anything except for her toys.  She is house-trained.  Cola absolutely loves walks and gets very excited when she sees the leash come out.  In general, she doesn't pull on the leash, but she will bolt out the door.  So, be ready!  She needs to practice a "wait" command.  She is dog-reactive and would love to chase cars, so her owner will need to be diligent about keeping her away from other canines and avoid busy roads when walking.  

Cola would be a dream catch for an adult-only home without other pets.  She truly wants to be a one-and-only dog.  We are looking for a home with experienced dog people (with no children under the age of 12y) who will love helping her relax and build confidence.  Cola cries a bit when her human leaves, so she would do best in a single family home.  She does pretty well when her foster sticks to her "leaving routine".  Cola will definitely make someone a dedicated and loyal companion.

Please ask away to learn more about our chocolate cutie!