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Rhett Butler

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Hello, my name is Rhett and I’m an “honorary cocker spaniel.”  If you're wondering about my life before OBG, suffice it to say that I was behind bars at a shelter because my human was in a similar situation. Even though I lost my prior owner, it turns out that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  You see, if I hadn’t ended up at a shelter, then at OBG, I would have died because I had something called heartworms.  Thankfully, the vets and OBG treated me and I'm 100% healthy now.  Thank you OBG for taking care of me because I have a lot of life left to live!

Now that I am healthy again, I am living the good life in a foster home, but I would really love to have a “furever” home.  Unfortunately, I heard something recently that made me sad.  My foster mommy said that medium and large black dogs have the highest “kill rates” in shelters in our entire country and that they are really hard for rescues to adopt out, too.  Apparently at around 50 lbs and all black, I fall into that category.  I don’t get it.  Do people think that black dogs are plain?  Look at me, do I look plain to you?  I prefer to think of myself as tall, dark and handsome, like my namesake Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind.  There was nothing plain about him!

Not only do I have incredibly good looks, but I have a personality to match.  I love everyone that I meet, young and old, and love to give big hugs and kisses!  I’m great with other dogs, too and enjoy playing with my foster doggy brothers and sisters. Even though I like playtime, I know that my humans would prefer not to have me playing every minute of the day, so I’m real good about taking lots of naps so that they can relax, too.  I even try to be a lap dog sometimes, but I don’t really fit on a lap all that well.  That’s the downside of being a little bit bigger than a real cocker spaniel.

In case you are wondering, my foster parents no longer have young children living at home, but I really like the kids that I have met when out and about and my foster mommy and daddy think I would be a great family dog. In fact, my foster mommy said she could just picture me being a child's best friend.  I haven't met any cats, yet, so I'm not sure what I would think about them.  My foster mommy said we could always figure that out during something called a "homecheck."

So, what do you say, are you the lucky person who will get to adopt me and have one of the best dogs ever in your home? If so, email my foster mommy and you two can talk about how wonderful I am.  She has lots to say on that topic

This is your year to find that special heart just for you! Love you, Olive Belle and Parker