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Hi!  I'm Nicky and I'm one of the Sweet Sixteen, a group of dogs rescued by OBG from a home in West Virginia.  I spent a couple of months at the vet's office and they were really great to me.  I got spayed, de-wormed, my ears were cleaned and I had dental surgery with 12 of my teeth removed, but I don't miss them at all.  I also had some masses removed from my mammary gland and they all checked out ok .... with all that great attention I received, I am feeling much better! 

One vet guessed my age to be 8 and another vet guessed me to be younger, but to me, age is just a number... I feel like a young adult!  Once I can trust you, I will open up and you will see that I can be energetic.  In fact, I love to explore outdoors.  Although my favorite place to be is snuggled up next to my foster mom.

Speaking of that, I am now living in a foster home with a foster sister who is an OBG alum and a foster mom that tells me I'm a "Beautiful Girl" and calls me"Sweetie Pie".  There are no kids in my foster home, but I have met a couple and I was very nervous about it ... they move around really quickly and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.  Although I tolerate my foster sister dog, I really like being in charge and having all my foster mom's attention on me, so I would like to be the only pet if at all possible.  Besides, I had to live with way too many brothers and sisters in my other home .... now it should be all about me!

My foster mom has shown me what stairs are and what "going for a walk" means ... it took me a while, but I really enjoy both!  In fact, I can run up the stairs WAY faster than my 8-yr-old foster sister!  My foster mom is trying to teach me something called "commands" and "manners".... I really don't know what she's talking about yet, but I do know that I must get something right once in a while because she gets really happy and gives me a treat!

I'm still nervous meeting new people, but if you are patient with me and treat me well, I will give you my full trust and love. Oh, you should probably know that I DO NOT like crates/cages at all!  I get very upset very quickly and somehow my body "messes" on demand within moments.  My foster mom and I made a deal... if she didn't put me in a crate/cage, I would be a very good girl and only go to the bathroom outside.  She kept her word and I kept mine.

Sound good? Drop me a line so we can learn more about each other!

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