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My name is Miracle, and boy, do I have a story to tell!

OBG rescued me in early 2014, along with fifteen of my closest friends and relatives. But I had a secret... I was carrying a bunch more in my belly! Shortly after arriving in my foster home, I added six healthy, adorable puppies to the mix.

One day, foster mom told me that I was adopted and was going to a new home with one of my puppies! This made me really happy since I love my puppies, but nervous because I'm scared of new places and new people. One day, I got so scared on a walk that I slipped my collar and ran and ran and ran.

And I couldn't find my way home.

It was really scary out in the woods. I didn't have much to eat and there were so many scary noises. It was hard to sleep at night since I didn't know where it would be safe to close my eyes. I just knew I had to survive and that maybe, OBG would find me and bring me somewhere safe again.

And one day, it happened! I smelled some food and followed my nose to a curious-looking box. I was so hungry that I snuck into the box to eat the food and SNAP! the door closed behind me. It was pretty scary, I have to admit... but when OBG's people came and I could smell my foster mom, I knew I was safe again. I curled up in her arms and sighed.

I was home with OBG.

These days, I'm hanging my leash with a nice family of OBG fosters, including some very snuggly canine foster siblings. I'm slowly remembering how nice it is to be loved by humans and getting to sleep in a warm house full of love. 

I'm looking for a very special calm forever home with a fenced yard and no children. As you can see from my story, I've been through a lot. But I'm a sweet girl and I just need experienced humans who will take it slow and let me come out of my shell at my own pace. It will take time, but I promise that it will be worth it.


Miracle (formerly known as Mokey)

A P.S. from OBG: We have great resources for helping you gain the trust of a fearful dog like Miracle and build her confidence. Websites, books, webinars, and the best trainers in the area. We're committed to helping this beautiful girl blossom.

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Miracle - you are a true miracle, and you will find your forever home soon.  Lots of love, Debbie and Harley!

Raspberry sends her love and hopes that you will find your forever home soon!