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Hi world, it's me, Leo!  I'm a friendly, handsome and bright 7-year-old boy searching for new digs.  If my strawberry-red tongue and oversize bear cub paws didn't get your attention right away, I'm hoping my story will leave you wanting to learn more!

I love people, my crate, food, car rides, and going for walks.  Unfortunately, my old mama and papa had to give me up when they moved away, but they taught me the skills I need to succeed.  I already know how to sit (go me!) and “get down” when asked, and I can hold it in for a pretty long time (11 hours overnight at least).  I’m housebroken for sure.  I’m also making great progress at learning a few more doggy skills, including “stay” (gosh, that’s a toughie) and “come.”  Watch me practicing "Stay" in this video.  I am trying hard not to move a muscle!

My foster humans are the center of my attention, although I’ve been getting along great with my doggie foster sister and other canine acquaintances.  I like to chase cats, though, so I think my forever home should be feline free.  For some reason kitties don't seem to enjoy the chase as much as I do!  I really just love to hang with my people, snuggle (I’m so soft!), play fetch, and give kisses.  Oh, and I also love to eat!

One thing that I don't especially enjoy is the doggie spa.  It helps if I take some medication to calm my nerves before trekking there.  What can I say...some pups just don't like all the fuss of being pampered!

I'm searching high and low to find the perfect family for me.  Are you an adult family (teenagers may be fine too) with dog experience?  If so, and if I sound like fun, shoot me a message today!