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As you can see from his pictures, it looks like 5 year-old Scotty has always got a smile and will no doubt bring one to your face as well.  Though he came to us through tragedy, when his mom passed, his resiliency of spirit certainly gives us hope and inspiration.

Scotty is a perfect candidate for one of those dog breed DNA tests.  This All-American shelter dog looks to us like a mix of Cavalier, Corgi, Pomeranian, Chi and Papillon, but it's really anyone's guess.  What we do know is that this freckle-faced cutie will help complete one lucky family's life.  He's completely housetrained, loves to cuddle and is a perfect gentleman -- you can tell his mom doted on him, which is exactly what this lovebug deserves! 

He currently lives in a townhome – he’s not a big barker and enjoys his walks - so he’d even be fine for apartment or condo living.  Since he makes friends easily, his foster family takes him all around on weekends – from the winery to the dog park to the farmer’s market to the Capitol building, Scotty takes it all in stride.  He is great with other dogs in the home or on-leash, but he did express some dislike for felines, so his forever home should probably be cat free.

At adoption events, Scotty is the first one to hop into an open lap, even if the person is a stranger. If you sit down and you seem like a "dog person", he wants to come snuggle with you. 

He's doing great in his foster home, but can't wait to settle in with his forever family - will it be yours?