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Wonderful News on Snuffy—Our totally loveable Snuffleupagus does not have cancer!!!

Eight-year-old Snuffy came to OBG in the summer of 2014.  He was found wandering all alone, clearly neglected for a very long time. His coat was overgrown and matted, his skin and ears and eyes were seriously infected, and his nails were so long that they were growing back into his paw pads. After he was neutered, we learned that he very likely had prostate cancer.  Despite this sad diagnosis, OBG stepped up to the plate to make the time he had left as comfortable as possible. We made sure his eyes, ears, and skin were treated.  We began treatment for his hypothyroidism, and we had his kidney stones and several skin tumors removed.  We also continued to monitor his prostate.  As of May 2015, OBG had already spent over $2,000 on Snuffy's rehabilitation. And thank goodness! because we recently learned that Snuffy does not have prostate cancer—his enlarged prostate was most likely the result of his very poor health, and now, with the care he has received, his prostate is almost back to normal.

Snuffy’s two foster moms cannot say enough about his sweet personality. He is one of the most affectionate boys ever.  He gets along with everyone and everything. He is happiest sitting next to you snuggling on the couch. He loves his walks, rides very well in the car, rarely barks, and simply makes us laugh.  OBG is so happy we were able to care for this charming little guy.  And thank YOU for helping us help him.

Snuffy is looking for a very special home, a home where he will be able to keep up with his special diet and where he can continue to receive his thyroid pills and his daily ear and eye medications.  If you are looking for endless love and forever devotion, check out Snuffy.