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Hey People,


My brother Butch and I are looking for a new place to hang our leashes.  We are a pretty fabulous duo.  Let me tell you a little bit about us!

First, you should know we are both on the bigger side of the general cocker spaniel spectrum.  Butch is a tall, lean drink of water while I am build more like your average linebacker.  Well, maybe not so average.  I don't do anything just average!  Butch and I are above average friends - he worries about the details and I show him the big picture.  Between the two of us, you get a way above average pup experience!

We are both house trained.  We walk on a leash like pros and are terrific with kids of all ages.  We don't even get upset when someone accidentally falls on us or messes with our food.  We like other dogs and just adore people.  Neither of us are aggressive with cats.  However, I do like to run after them when they run from me.  It just seems like the sporting thing to do!  But I am not mean about it.  Just sticking to my  all-star jock style!

We are both also party animals extraordinaire!  Our foster mom took us to a fourth of July Party that involved a ton of people, kids and other dogs.  We sat quietly next to her and showed the other dogs how it was done.  There was one incident with Butch and a hot dog left on a seat.  But one can hardly criticize for succumbing to that kind of temptation!  We were princes all night and did not get upset about the fireworks.  


If that is not enough for you, let me tell you about the services we offer!  We will eradicate squirrels and other critters from your yard.   We are puzzled by turtles.  Butch ignores them.  I bark at them, which gets no results.  But, rest assured, I can take care of your average lawn invader!  We also offer a range of house hold services.  We pick up any socks you might have dropped while doing the laundry.  We are also good at weighting sheets when you make the bed, saving the frustrations of one corner coming loose while you pull another corner over.  We offer customized, youth-oriented wake up services that are guaranteed to get everyone up on time.  We also provide top notch security services, protecting hearth and home as well as offering a high level of companionship support!  You will never be lonely with us around!  


We are both four years old and healthy as can be.  We'd love to meet a family with kids, active adults and/or a fenced yard.  In return, we would provide you with all of the aforementioned services and unlimited love and cuddling.  Interested?  Contact our foster mom today!!


Kisses and wags,