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Adult | Female | Adopted

Likes Dogs?

Hi folks!  My name is Lexie and I'm about 5 years old.  I just landed in a foster home and boy is life good here!  There are 3 resident dogs and we all get along just fine.

A few other great things about me...I ride nicely in the car, behave like a princess at the spa and I'm housebroken.  I'm so fabulous in the house that I have free reign of the place - I even get to sleep in a human bed :)  I love visitors who stop in and folks I meet out and about.  Oh, Oh, Oh - I have an amazing wiggle when I meet all these visitors as I like people soooo much!

I should mention that I'm a foodie and absolutely LOVE meal time!  I hope you don't mind serving up quality kibble, and lots of it!  The only downside here is that a pesky machine called a scale spits out the number 42 when I stand on it - and apparently that's a tad too high.  But, this just means embarking on more walks and runs (and sadly maybe cutting back on food too).  I also love tummy rubs so I hope you're willing to indulge me a bit here too.

Drop me a line so we can meet up and get to know each other better.  I promise you a world without me in it is not complete!