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Coco Ann

Adult | Female | Adopted

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Hello! My name is Coco! I am a very sweet and silly cocker spaniel mix looking for a place to kick back and call home.  I am a beautiful chocolate color with a soft coat that I will let you pet for as long as you want!  Or rub my belly, I love some belly rubs!!  I also have my tail, which I hear is rather uncommon for cockers, but how else would I let you know that I am soooo very happy to see you when you come home?

I am 5 years old, and one of my parents may have been an American Bulldog or Shitzu? I’m currently weighing in at a voluptuous 40 pounds…. I know, I know; I’ve already been started on a diet.  I do enjoy the occasional piece of watermelon or sweet potato for dessert. YUUUUMMMYYY! I love to go on walks, and I walk like the lady I am on the leash.  Between the diet and exercise, I will be a slender pup in no time!

I am also completely housebroken and crate trained, so I get to sleep in the big comfy bed from time to time.  When I get to sleep in the bed l like to burrow myself under the covers and sleep alllllll the way at the foot of the bed.  I get a lot of giggles when I do that.  Oh yeah, and well, I snore sometimes. But my foster mom says that once I lose a few pounds that will subside.

I have met lots of furry friends since I got sprung from the pound.  I have a 14-year-old foster Cocker Spaniel sister and a 2-year-old foster Brittany sister.  They’re pretty cool.  Sometimes I play with the Brittany – she likes to play.  I’ve also met lots of friends at the dog park and at doggie daycare. I haven’t met a four-legged friend I haven’t liked!

When I am at home, new people scare me a little, so it is best if they just ignore me for a while until I know I can trust them.  Eventually, I will approach them for some affection, but I like things on my terms.  I have three human siblings here, too, ages 12-17 – they are ok and I warmed up to them after the first day, but I don’t think I would feel very comfortable with humans under 10.  They are a little unpredictable, and that scares me.

When I am out in public, though, there is no such thing as a stranger.  As long as I can approach them, 'cause well you know, I’m still a little insecure, I’m as happy as a lamb!

All in all, I am one awesome girl with lots of love to give.  I’d love to add some of this puppy love to your home!