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Lucky Lane

Senior | Male | Adopted

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Help us give a warm welcome to our cute scrunchy faced boy, Lucky Lane!  He is a 9-year-old sweetheart looking for a new family to join.  His previous owners loved him a lot but when their living situation changed they were unable to keep sweet Lucky.

Lucky still thinks he's a puppy...so don't tell him otherwise!  He loves long walks, the company of other dogs and his human family.  He recently landed in a foster home and immediately bounded into the house greeting everyone warmly and tried to initiate play with the resident pups!  He loves furry friends so much that his ideal forever home should include a doggie sibling.  He wasted no time putting in a request to sleep in the human bed with the rest of the fam, yet he's never seen a dog bed he doesn't like.  Sometimes you'll hear his cute little snore when he snoozes.   He takes treats gently and passes out kisses freely - what a love! Lucky does have some diminished hearing and needs careful ear care.

Whoever gets to share their world with Lucky will be lucky indeed.  This cutie is a treasure we know you'll want to meet.

Make plans to meet Lucky in the fur today :)

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Wishing you love and happiness and a forever home in 2015!