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Jeremy (aka Rufferson or Ruff) is a sweet little dog with a big personality.  We can't believe he is still on the market!  His nicknames fits him perfectly and makes him that much more adorable!    

Rufferson is a young (around 3 yrs) 25 pound Jack Russel terrier and Corgi mix who really loves life.  He is happy out on a walk with great leash manners or just sitting in your lap.  Although he can jump pretty high, fortunately he can only go directly up and down so no counter/table surfing - a bonus! 

He is perfect for condo living as he only occasionally barks but very rarely.  He is also housebroken and has free reign in our house with another cocker spaniel in his foster home.  He is also crate trained and loves his crate.  Although he would love to sleep in the bed with you, he sleeps nicely in a dog bed outside the foster's bedroom.

Ruff is very healthy with no ongoing health issues.  He likes to ride in the car and just sits in the backseat nicely.  He gets along well with other dogs but isn't a pro at social skills yet so will sometimes solicit some warning from sensitive dogs as he will push is nose directly into your face. 

Please contact the foster at the link below if you have any questions, want some additional information, or want to meet him in person. 

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