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PUPPY ALERT!!! Meet Sammie - one of Lucy's sweet puppies.  Sammie was born in a shelter in South Carolina on Oct 26th, so he is now ready for adoption!  While Sammie's heritage is unknown, we believe that he'll be about 35# as an adult.  

Sammie is the largest puppy of the litter - he is all muscle.  Sammie was the first to open his eyes, the first to walk, and is always the first to make a "puppy escape" from whatever enclosure he is in.  He is confident and ready to explore the world.  However, he also loves to be held and craves some human one-on-one time.

Before applying for a puppy, please carefully consider the following issues.  Will someone be home every 2-3 hours to let the puppy outside?  Our general rule of thumb is that if a dog needs to be crated more than 6 hours/day total, then that dog is the wrong one for the person's lifestyle.  Please consider Puppy Kindergarten classes.  More dogs under the age of 3 years are euthanized for behavior issues than for illnesses.  Puppies (and dogs) are expensive.  It can cost over $1500 a year to care for a dog (vet check-ups, shots, spay/neuter, heartworm/flea tick preventatives, food, and other supplies).  We do not adopt puppies more than 1-2 hours outside of the Washington DC area (we will adopt to Richmond and Baltimore).

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Happy Holidays from Duffy and Mitzie!