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Say hello to our bouncing baby boy, Jake!  At just 9 months old, this salt & pepper boy is all puppy and wants to literally bounce and play, play, play!  This guy is a dream to have around, and we know he'll be snatched up in a heartbeat.

Jake is best described as a love sponge.  He loves people and dogs.  He recently mingled among 5 dogs at a family reunion and was the life of the party.  This baby loves to play fetch, is amazingly sweet, and has no phobias so far in life (and we'd like to keep it that way)!  He is food motivated and a quick learner, so he's already mastered SIT.  He'd love to attend doggie school and master even more skills.  He's housebroken when taken out regularly, but can use some coaching on his leash.

Like many cocker spaniels, Jake is very sensitive.  He is crated when his foster mom leaves to keep him safe (he might get into things he shouldn't get into), and he howls a loud, mournful howl.  So, apartment life might not be suited for him.

Has Jake stolen your heart yet?!

ps - Jake had cherry eye surgery in early December, but the recheck of his eye wasn't perfect.  He has an appointment to see the eye specialist on Dec 31.



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