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Hello, everyone!

My name is Serena but my foster mom calls me a star!  She says it is because I am such a good girl!

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am six-years old and I have a lot of energy!  I like to walk, play with toys and follow my foster mom all over the house.  She says it makes her happy because I am such good company.  That makes me happy because that’s what I really want – to be with my people!

My foster mom also says that I am very well-educated.  I am housebroken and I can sit, shake and lay down on command.  I am kind of food motivated so I learn new skills very quickly.  I am also pretty darned smart, if I do say so myself!  I have demonstrated my amazing powers of deduction on a few occasions already!

I am working on my leash skills.  My foster mom says I would get a B on leash skills because I pull a little when I see something exciting.  I also like to bark at those inflatable holiday decorations people like to put in their yards.  They just make me nervous and foster mom won’t let me go investigate them.  But other than that, I am a very good girl on the leash. 

I am also a championship-level cuddler.  I am good with children and other dogs.   I do like to play with both so any two- or four-legged siblings should be ready for some fun!!

Want to learn more ?  Contact my foster mom today!

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Serena---Sending you Holiday Love in memory of my beloved Cosette, who is forever in my heart!