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Brady is one special boy!  He is ~4 years old and he's unlike most dogs his age because he happens to be blind and mostly deaf.  When his previous owner had to move suddenly and could no longer care for him, one of OBGs fabulous fosters stepped in and welcomed him into their home.  

Brady's foster folks are still getting to know him, but describe him as "unbelievably cute".  Wouldn't most of us love to hear those words uttered about us? :)   In addition to his good looks, this boy is extremely smart.  For example, when his water bowl is empty he places his paw in the bowl and drags it across the room to alert his owner it needs a refill!  Isn't amazing how well blind/deaf dogs find a way to communicate effectively and love just the same as their unimpaired counterparts?  Brady is starting to feel more comfortable in his new digs because he's playing with his ball and relaxing a bit. 

We are so grateful we could help this awesome guy when he needed it most.  He would not have stood a chance at an animal shelter, but now he's living the good life.  This is what OBG is all about!

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Happy chewing!