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Say hello to our bouncy baby boy, Cody!  This adorable, silky soft, currently ~23# cocker mix is just 7 months old - so he has lots of living and loving to do.  He came to us because his 13-year-old fur sibling did not tolerate having a puppy in the house.  

In addition to his good looks and sweet personality, this boy is smart!  He attended puppy kindergarten and knows several commands including sit, lie down, and paw.  He will continue with his learning at training classes for foster dogs.  He's working on his house-training skills, which are coming along nicely.  He typically uses a puppy pad once or twice a day, particularly in the evening when he is playing with his foster sibling for hours at a time, but he would have an "accident" if a puppy pad wasn't available.

Cody is sweet and friendly with those he knows, but he is quite timid with strangers.  His foster mom has started working with him to teach him that people are wonderful and many have yummy treats for him to eat.  This technique has worked well with other shy foster dogs, so we're hoping Cody will blossom, too.  He likely will always be shy, though.

Cody has been having a blast playing with the puppy in his foster home.  In fact, we are requiring that Cody's forever home already have a nice, playful dog in it because he is much more comfortable with dogs than with people.  Cody must also have a completely fenced-in yard (no e-fences), as he does not enjoy going for walks at this point (too many scary people on the street).

Do you think Cody is for you?  Please ask about him today!

ps - Our vet thinks that Cody will end up weighing 25-30 pounds when he finishes growing.

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Welcome, fella!  I'm sure I won't have you for long.  Be Mine!