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I'm Zip.  What you heard about me isn't true anymore.  I used to be a fat, fat, fat dog. The vet said I was the fattest dog he had ever seen. And now I'm not!  I'm only half the dog I was when I came to OBG in April. My fosters used to think I looked like an ottoman, but as I lost weight my paws and legs, and now even my shoulders became visible.  The biggest surprise was my tail. In April they said I didn't have one. I did! But my tail had rolls of fat, and my thighs had rolls of fat, and I had a shelf of butt that completely covered my tail. Imagine how surprised my fosters were the first time I lifted my tail and wagged it.  I am still a little fat, but I love to walk and work to get my (not very much) food out of a toy.  I beg for walks when school gets out, because kids like to pet me.   

I am a responsible guy. I have the run of the house when my people aren't home.  My brother has to stay in a crate because he eats shoes and newspaper.  I do not tease him, even when I am lying on the sofa and he is in his crate, except that once when I pushed his food bowl past the crate. I can jump onto the sofa by myself.  But I donƒ't like to sit on the sofa alone. I prefer to have people on the sofa with me, so I can cuddle and steal kisses, and roll on my back for a belly rub.

You might look at my pictures and wonder why I came to Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Good question. Because they invited me.  Because they heard I am a good-natured dog. There are only three things to consider when you pick a dog:  €temperament, temperament, temperament.

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  • Merry Christmas Zip! You have overcome some serious weight challenges and are an adorable boy! I hope you find your furever home soon. You are too cute to be on the market for long!  (Johanna B.)
  • May Santa be good to you.  (Martine L.)