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Zorro is an appropriate name for this sweet, loving, 4 year old cock-a-poo, but yet he also shows a foxy side.  Zorro sports a black mask on his face and thus the name.  But like the real Zorro, he can be foxy and this comes out when he gets challenged to be a goofy, active playmate to another dog or to his owner.  But most days, Zorro would just love to be this gentle, lovable bundle of joy, content to laze around under your desk while you pound away on your computer or to sit on your lap and lavish you with kisses and attention and to let you know he appreciates being loved.  Zorro loves to play with other dogs, but would be just as content to be the only dog in your household.

Zorro’s original owner could not take care of him anymore.  He was with her all day and so is used to having someone at home most of the time.  The ideal home for Zorro would be a single owner; someone whom he will get attached to easily and for whom he will be a loyal and loving companion.  He would be good with someone who works at home.  Zorro could do well with a family, but he may resource guard "his" person until he feels more secure.  He is an easy dog to love and care for.  

He is up-to-date on all his shots and is healthy, but overweight (he came in weighing 30 pounds, and he should weigh about 25).  With plenty of walks, actively playing with another dog and smaller portions of kibbles mixed with a tablespoon of home-cooked healthy doggie food, he is looking trimmer. He needs to lose a few more pounds as the vet recommended.

Zorro is house-trained.  He knows to be let out as soon as he wakes up in the morning, before he eats.  In the beginning, expect to take every hour or so but soon he will let you know by going near the door when he needs to go.

Zorro would benefit from obedience training.  The only commands he knows are sit, stay (when we need to stop at a traffic light on walks) and let’s go ( also for walks).  He loves to be around people and should be easy to train.  Zorro is crate trained and walks well on leash.  

Won’t you share your home and family to this lovable bundle of joy?   He loves people and to show you how happy he is, not only does he wags his tail, he wiggles his whole body from side to side and it’s the cutest thing to see.  Please ask about him today!