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Hello, my name is Charlotte, and I'm a beautiful mixed breed dog.  There's lots of speculation about my ancestry- some think hound, some think beagle and some think Jack Russell Terrier. My foster mommy and daddy say that I'm beautiful and that my ancestry doesn't matter!  By the way, I have gorgeous long legs and a long, lean body which makes me a little bigger than all these cocker spaniels that surround me, but I am not so big that I can't cuddle on your lap.

So, let me tell you more about me. I'm housebroken and crate trained.  I love to run really fast, so a fenced in yard would be perfect for me.  I also love stuffed toys - shaking them is the best!   I also love to play with other dogs provided they like me, too. I could go on and and on about all the fun games I can play with other dogs, but tug-of-war is definitely one of my favorites.  Chase is a good game, too! When I'm not playing, I love to lay quietly and chew on a nylabone or I might want to cuddle with one of my favorite people.  When I cuddle, I like to give "side hugs" which means that I lean into my person with all my might and make sure they know just how much I love them!

You may be wondering how I ended up with all these cocker spaniels, so here's my story. Lat year, at just 16 months of age, I found myself about to be homeless, because my last family could not give me the exercise I need at my age. Fortunately they cared about what would happen to me and contacted this cocker spaniel rescue group and asked if they would take me in.  I know it sounds very odd that I'm in a group with a bunch of cocker spaniels, but I don't care. Without this rescue group, I might be in a place where I have heard even young dogs like me don't always live very long, which is a scary thought for me!

Can you please consider giving me a loving forever home?  I love my foster family, but a foster home is just not the same as having a furever home.  I promise to love you forever if you give me a chance!


  • Happy Valentine's Day to all. I could never pick one, so please do it for me. May they soon be in their forever homes.  (Bonnie & Gail)