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Mister Peanut

Adult | Male | Adopted

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Hi, Mister Peanut here. Because my foster family already has a “Peanut”, they call me, Petey.  I’ve already learned my new name! 

I am a 5-year old, 10 pound, love bug. (My foster dad is an entomologist, so I know that this is an official term for me). I enjoy nothing more than to hang out with my foster mom—she works from home a lot, so I get to sleep at her toes while she’s busy at her desk. I follow her around the kitchen when she’s cooking and sleep in her lap on the sofa when she’s watching TV. Although I’m pint-sized, foster mom says that I’m a ten-gallon hat of pure love.

You probably noticed that I’m not a cocker spaniel. They call me a “terrier mix” and an “honorary cocker.” I came to OBG with my canine brother, Sir Tucker, who already has found his forever home!

While I LOVE my canine siblings, Peanut and Benji, I get a little nervous around some dogs.  Maybe it’s the terrier in me, but I react by barking and lunging. I’m not sure exactly why I do this – I just get overwhelmed when another dog runs up to me or we’ve not had proper introductions. Peanut is an older gent and lets me sleep in his bed. I even won over Benji and he lets me sleep with him in his bed, too. I like my feline sibling and am trying to get her to play with me, but, so far, she doesn’t seem interested.

I was a little shy around my foster dad when I first arrived, but that’s changed.  Foster mom is still my favorite, but I’m getting more and more comfortable with foster dad—especially when he gives me treats! (He even made me pancakes one morning when foster mom was away—shhh! Don’t tell her!)

It took me a few days to get used to my crate at night. I would cry a bit and then settle down. Now, I go into it as soon as foster mom says time for bed!  When foster mom leaves for work, I cry at first in my crate and then eventually settle down.  As soon as I hear her car, though, I let her know how excited I am that she’s home! So, an apartment may not be the best forever home for me. I’m very close to being housebroken and have only an occasional accident in the house. I’ve NEVER had an accident in my crate, even on those days when my foster parents are away at work. 

I’m very curious about things and also a little shy. I need someone that can help me be an indoor dog.  (Actually, I figured out the sofa thing all by myself—heavenly!) 

I love to go for walks and do quite well on the leash. I love when the little kids in the neighborhood ask to pet me. And I ignore cars and motorcycles, because I love smelling the grass and just being out and about.

I would really like to find a forever home with another canine sibling—gosh, even a feline sibling if she’s friendly! Or, if not a sibling, then a parent that’s home more than not. I get a little lonely when I’m by myself. I’m so looking forward to a forever home. Might that be with you?