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Hank is a stunning, 5-year-old golden red cocker with gorgeous hazel eyes.   He tips the scales at 38 lbs, a sturdy, larger-sized cocker who currently enjoys his increasingly brisk walks through Bethesda -several times a day, rain or shine!  Hank doesn't like to play in the yard - he prefers to have a walking companion.

Hank is a good-natured, affectionate dog who loves his people and gets along well with other dogs. In fact, another friendly, relaxed dog in the house would suit him just fine. He'd rather play Find It than Fetch, and he loves a good nap (or 2) between grain-free meals and playtime. Hank is curious about each and every person who crosses his path; he is smart and responsive to training cues and would love to learn some fancy tricks.  Hank enjoys car travel, and would prefer to run errands if it means spending more time with you vs. being home for many hours at a time.  Hank has separation anxiety, so we have just started him on medication to take the edge off of his anxiety while we work on building his confidence.

Hank has a bit of a naughty streak.  He loves stealing tissue boxes, and he would take food off of the table or counter, if given the chance.  He also bolts out of doors.  All of these issues can easily be managed in the right environment.

Happily, Hank loves to be brushed, and wouldn't admit it but actually likes getting a bath, too. Handsome Hank would be at his best with an attentive, nurturing owner who appreciates his wonderful nature and can offer an easy-going, active lifestyle.