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Meet Maggie!  Maggie is a 7 month old, 14# Doxie-Pin (a dachshund/miniature pinscher cross; that's our best guess at her breed).  This little girl was found abandoned on an old country road, was rescued by a good Samaritan, and was brought to OBG via a long distance transport.  Whew!  What a beginning to her life she has had!

Maggie is quite the puppy!  She is friendly with other dogs, didn't chase the cats she met, and adores people.  In fact, her foster mom says that one of Maggie's best qualities is how loving she is.  Maggie likes to snuggle and give kisses.  She also is all puppy and loves to play.

Maggie really wants to find a home with someone who works from home or is retired, as she enjoys being around people so much.  In addition, she is working on her house training.  She does very well at her foster home, but she is taken out every couple of hours during the day.  When left for more than 4 hours, she will likely have an accident (she can hold it all night).  She also gets bored when left alone for too long, and she will find ways of entertaining herself.

Initially, we thought that Maggie had a broken front leg that hadn't healed correctly.  After consulting with several vets, we now believe that she was born with a deformed front leg.  Maggie loves to run and enjoys going on walks, but she gets tired after a block or so.  The vet said that if the leg bothered her in the future, she might need to have it amputated.  But at this time, there isn't anything that needs to be done.  Maggie was thrilled with that news.

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