Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue


Adult | Male | Adopted

On Saturday, July 25th, OBG Cocker Rescue facilitated the rescue of 46 dogs off of a property in Virginia.  These dogs were living in a hot barn without anyone to give them proper exercise or keep their water dishes filled.  They are now safe with OBG vets and getting the care and attention they need.  This is a massive undertaking and currently these dogs are not available for adoption.

Watch out for your heart, Buster is on the scene!  This strikingly handsome chocolate and white parti boy is ready to live the good life.  He was used as a machine to help make puppies for a breeder for 5 years.  He has never known love from a human, only indifference.  We've let him know it's now time for him to be a beloved pet and he's on board!

Right now Buster is pretty scared.  We understand he was attacked by a larger dog the day before he was pulled from the barn to safety.  Indeed a puncture wound was found on his leg and initially he had trouble walking.  While he's healed physically, he seems pretty traumatized.  We've heard through the grapevine that he is a puppy mill survivor which could also explain his nervousness and worried outlook on life.  However, he is learning about this big wide world from other dogs.  He takes comfort in their presence and follows their cues.  He definitely needs a doggie sibling in his forever home.  It takes just a bit of time for him to warm up but once he knows you're a good person, he's your buddy.  He's learning about toys and is housebroken and crate-trained.

We're so happy Mr. Buster is now free to live the good life.  Is that with you?!

P.S.  Poor Buster's mouth is a mess.  He will be getting a dental soon and may lose most if not all of his teeth.