Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue


Adult | Male | Adopted

Are you looking for a cute chocolate snuggle bug?  If so, 7-8 year old Ivan may be your guy.  Ivan is a blind, 28# cocker spaniel who LOVES to be with his humans.  This pooch is really great - he's gorgeous, sweet, very friendly, and he adores people and other dogs.  Ivan does well with cats and ferrets, too.  

Ivan has excellent house manners and is house-trained.  He is low energy.  He takes treats very gently.  His favorite activities seem to be sleeping (he sleeps at night touching your feet, so he knows where you are), going for walks, and chewing on bones.  He has no trouble finding bones wherever they are left around the house.  He also has no trouble finding food left on the table, in purses, etc.  His nose works very well.

Ivan doesn't think that his lack of vision is a disability at all (his hearing isn't what it used to be, either).  He easily gets on furniture and in and out of the house by himself.  I don't even need to block off the stairs - he does them without any problems.  Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this dog.  He has mapped out my house and gets around extremely well.  He knows the routine and he needs less and less direction every day.  Ivan will cry now and then to see if anyone is around.  Due to this, he would do best in a single family home.  Ivan also adores having doggie friends to keep him company when the people leave, so Ivan insists on a home with another dog.  Busy homes don't bother him in the least - he loves the attention.  

Please ask about this fellow today.  You will be amazed by his gentleness and his sweet personality.

  • Love you, Ivan! You are very tolerant of all my smooches. :)   (Jennifer K.)