Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue


Adult | Male | Adopted

On Saturday, July 25th, OBG Cocker Rescue facilitated the rescue of 46 dogs off of a property in Virginia.  These dogs were living in a hot barn without anyone to give them proper exercise or keep their water dishes filled but now they are ready for adoption.

Frisco is a very energetic, fun-loving, overall awesome boy!  He can be calm and laid back too.  He loves structure and routine including long walks each day.  After a morning walk, he will eat his kibble and curl back up in his bed.  Each night he enjoys another walk.  He is a dream on the leash and completely housebroken.  He knows commands and is very good coming to his name.  He loves to cuddle with his people too.

Frisco weighs just 42 pounds and is 7 years old.  He is super friendly to people and children but doesn't want to share his space with other dogs.  He will mostly ignore them when he is out but doesn't want to share his forever home with them.   He loves car rides and will sit very nicely in the back seat and will never sneak up to the front seat.  

Frisco really wants to find his forever home so to learn even more great things please click on the link below to contact his foster family.