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You might notice that Sammy's photos are a bit blurry - that's because this little man has things to do and people to see!  He's an incredibly friendly, 2 year old male cockapoo who favors the poodle side in the looks department and only weighs 19 pounds.  He greets strangers like they're long lost friends, and when he arrived at the vet's office, sought out every friendly face in the lobby, rolling over for pets and attention.  Yes, it's safe to say that Sammy likes adults, kids and other dogs! 

Sammy's former family had to leave him alone for long hours and wanted to give him a better life so they contacted OBG.  Now he's looking to make up some of his puppyhood, including learning those pesky things like basic manners!  He's so eager and enthusiastic, we don't think it will take him long.  He's said to be house trained, though.  One of Sammy's favorite games is to take out all of his toys and toss them in the air over his head.  He does this over and over until he gets a bit tired and then takes a break.  Since Sammy is such a high energy dog, he would be happiest with a family that will take him for daily long walks so that he can run off some of his energy.  Sammy also needs an experienced dog owner who will dedicate the time to take Sammy to obedience training.  Sammy has so much puppy in him and needs to learn the ropes to become the best companion possible.  He loves to play and will take any opportunity to do so. A home with another playful dog as a play mate would be ideal for him.  

With a winning combo of personality and looks, we don't think Sammy will be with us for long, so inquire about him today!