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Please meet Clyde!  Clyde is 13 years old and is the epitome of Oldies but Goodies. Even though the first part of his life wasn't the best, he doesn't let that stop him or get him down.  He Nees to be the one and only king of his castle.   Clyde is blind and mostly deaf.

Clyde loves ear scratches and treats and snoozes most of the day.  He doesn't need sofas or beds as he is quite content with the floor.  He isn’t housebroken so will need someone home often to ensure he can get outside. Because he can't see or hear well, he gets a little nervous in unfamiliar surroundings, that is until he sniffs out new humans or dogs he encounters; he's hesitant. Clyde needs eye drops and takes them like a champ.   Clyde prefers a home with few stairs as well as a calm atmosphere and predictable routine.

To learn more about Clyde, please send his foster Mom an email at the link below. 

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  • Hope you find your forever home (Seeber B.)
  • Delano and our family wish and hope for you to find your forever home asap! (Shari F.)
  • God bless (Donald V.)