Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue


Adult | Female | Adopted

Hi, Everyone!  Pepper here, updating you on how wonderful I am plus my bestie Pumpkin, too. We came into OBG together and are looking for a great family to adopt us - keep reading for how great we are, and I just know you will want to adopt us. 

I'm six years old and 34 pounds.  I was found as a stray when I was dumped at a Virginia shelter before coming to OBG.  I walk well on a leash and really like back rubs.  I'm friendly with people and other dogs.  It was discovered upon my arrival that I am heart worm positive.  This is not contagious and will take several weeks for me to finish treatment.  It is very expensive for the treatment at over $1200, so THANK YOU to OBG!  Yip Yip Hurray!!!!

My foster parents tell both my sister and I that we are great dogs.  We are not the barky kind of dogs.  We are quiet even when the pizza person arrives.  Now that is discipline!  We stay off the furniture and are learning basic commands.  Yes, we are smart too!  So far, we have only been crated for short periods of time when our fosters have to go out.  We have not been crated all day-thank goodness!  Potty training is going very well too.  

We sound great, right?  To learn even more about us, you can send our foster family an email at the link below.