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Senior | Female | Adopted

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Hi!  I'm Tessie and my foster mom callls me a doll!  She says it's impossible to tell you how sweet I actually am.  I am so well mannered.  I don't get up on the furniture, I am house trained, I rarely bark, I walk nicely (but slowly) on the leash, and I ride well in the car.  I was even polite when I went to the vets for my checkup!

What do I love?  I love soft beds, receiving attention, giving little kisses, and just to prove I'm a purebred cocker spaniel - I love my food and treats soooo much!  However, someone in my past let me have a few too many treats, so I'm on a serious diet.  I have already lost 12.5 pounds, but I have another 5.5 to go.  We think I would look amazing at ~26#.  Because I was a stray, nobody is sure of my exact age.  You all know a lady never tells.  However, I don't dye my gray and am proud to be a Senior (I've heard speculation that I'm 10-12  years old).  That also explains why I've lost most of my hearing.

My only health issues are minor ones.  I eat a limited ingredient diet (Natural Balance) for allergies.  I need daily ear meds and eye drop (I'm a very good patient).  And, currently, I'm taking oral medicine and getting twice weekly baths to clear up my skin.  It only takes a couple minutes a day to give me my medicines.  My heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. are all great!  

I would be perfect for someone looking to help save a sweet, older dog.  I only walk up and down about 5 stairs at a time, but I don't mind sleeping on the main level while my family sleeps upstairs.  I would prefer a home without a lot of other animals (I'm living with 5 other dogs now,   and   that's a lot for me).  I would LOVE to be adored like a princess, and that can't happen when attention is divided so many other ways.  If you like to  entertain - no problem!  You won't even know I'm there.  I'm the perfect guest.  Perhaps you could be the one to provide me with the life I deserve.  I can't imagine why you wouldn't fall in love with me instantly!  

If you would like to meet me in the fur or learn more about me, please contact my foster and the link below.