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Introducing Gizelle, also known as Sunny in her foster home due to her pretty color and happy disposition!  Our girl is a 1-2 year-old, ~22# mix who showed up as a stray.  It was clear that this girl used to be someone's pet.  She is house-trained, and she knows sit, come, beg, paw, and almost has a stay.  Who knows what other cues her foster family will discover!

Gizelle gives more kisses than you can count!  Her fur is soft like a golden's, but she doesn't seem to shed.  She adores her people and will be your little shadow.  Gizelle has a lot of puppy energy and plenty of puppy behaviors.  Chasing balls and playing tug are two of her favorite activities.  She loves nylabones, will happily shred soft toys, and will chew on whatever other tempting items she can find if her home isn't puppy-proofed.  She rides well in the car in her doggie carseat.  At night, she'll sleep in a doggie bed in her people's bedroom.  She'll also go to her "place" if asked while her people eat meals.  She's super friendly and also does well with dogs her own size.  She was curious about her feline companion in her first foster home, but she left the cat alone when the cat said enough.  Gizelle is also an alert dog and will let you know if she hears strange noises or if people are approaching.  She loves running in the yard, but she could easily jump a 3 foot fence.

After making more progress in her foster home, Gizelle is hoping to land in a single family home because she has separation anxiety.  She was started on anti-anxiety medications on January 8th in the hopes that we can begin to train her to be okay in a crate while her people are out.  Unfortunately, she still PANICS when left, so we will continue to work with her on that.  Her other request will be no small children - they make her nervous and she barks at them.  Middle school kids and up are more her style.  Gizelle's fosters are working very diligently on re-training her response to seeing strangers.