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Adult | Female | Adopted

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Sweety is a happy and affectionate dog who has not let hardships affect her positive attitude.  She has settled into her foster home easily, socializing with both her foster brother and sister, going out with the dogwalker, learning how to use the dog door and adjusting quickly to the routine.  Sweety appears to be housebroken and asks to go outside when she needs.  Even better, she has nice manners, not once trying to jump on the human beds or sofas, despite some bad examples of this behavior shown by her foster siblings.

Sweety is absolutely adorable, much cuter than her pictures.  Her eyes are huge with beautiful and long multi-colored lashes and she has a wonderfully soft mouth and adorable charcoal highlights on her ears.   She is a leggy cocker and is speedy and athletic.  While she has good energy, she is not at all hyper and settles down on her bed or the floor quickly for TV watching, internet browsing and newspaper reading.   Sweety absolutely loves affection and bonds easily, following her foster mom all around the house.  Sweety wants to be in the center of whatever is happening.  She is assertive and confident, but not domineering.  The only things that spook her seem to be the hair dryer and the dreaded vaccum cleaner!

Sweety would be a wonderful family member and is ready to shower her new family with round-the-clock affection.