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Adult | Male | Adopted

Likes Kids?

Meet Scooter!  This handsome fellow is four years old and sports a docked tail.  Scooter loves the company of other dogs, large and small, but may do best in a home where he is the center of attention.  He gets along with other dogs, but his playfulness and zest for life and adventure may be overwhelming for older or docile dogs.  He does well with cats and only occasionally chases them, but this is only to play and say "you're it!".

Scooter is an affectionate lapdog who loves nothing more than sitting in your lap, following you around the house, and just being wherever you are doing whatever you're doing.  He does great in the car and loves to see where you're going.  He loves to play with toys and is learning the difference between what's his and what's not.  His leash manners are improving although he hasn't had much experience, but he's a quick and eager-to-please learner.  He seems to be house trained, but can get over excited and piddles sometimes when he meets new friends. 

Scooter has quite an appetite and appears to be afraid he may not get fed again.  He is very docile when it comes to being handled but he is looking for a child-free forever home.  He is learning the basic commands of "sit", "down", "stay", and "no," especially if rewarded with a treat, but the concept of "come" sometimes eludes him when his attention is drawn elsewhere.  

To learn more about Scooter please contact his foster family at the link below.