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Hi there, it's me, Cookie!  As you can see, I'm a 5-year-old black beauty.   I haven't shared a lot about my previous life because my owner refused to give any information about me.  I've been told by all that I'm very sweet and loving.  I have a nub that wags a mile a minute because I'm so happy!

I haven't been here very long but I can share a little bit about myself.  I LOVE car rides.  In fact, I sometimes jump back in the car even after I've arrived at my destination.  I love being petted and adored by humans and enjoy the company of other dogs.  I always kept my kennel clean at the shelter so it's pretty safe to say I'm housebroken.  All in all, I'm a pretty great catch!

Right now I'm hanging my leash at my vet's place.  My ears and eyes are a bit of a mess.  I have two large cherry eyes and diminished vision so I made an appointment to see the eye specialist.  I hope to visit her soon and promise to report back!  Until then, I'd really love life even more if I weren't spending all of my time in a vet's office kennel. 

Are you a foster in VA who could take me in?  Pretty please?  My eye doc is in VA so that's why I'm hoping to stay in this area.   Send me a message to fosters@cockerspanielrescue.com or the link below so I can make my way to your house. :)