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Say hello to our new arrival, a precious baby boy named Dusty.  Dusty is a sweet little guy who loves to be held and receive kisses.  He was born on 1/5/16, and he weighed 9# at his 12-week vet visit.  We estimate that he'll grow up to weigh just about 20#.

Currently, Dusty has somewhat curly fur and a little white on his snout, which is how we tell him apart from his brother, Marley.  Dusty's cute quirk is that his right ear is just a bit shorter than his left, but one needs to be looking for the difference in order to see it.

Dusty is looking for a single family home with a fully fenced-in yard (no e-fences).  While he is being well-socialized with young children now, we are looking for a home without kids under the age of 12y.

Before applying for a puppy, please carefully consider the following issues.  Will someone be home every 3-4 hours to let the puppy outside?  Our general rule of thumb is that if a dog needs to be crated more than 6 hours/day total, then that dog is the wrong one for the person's lifestyle. Please consider Puppy Kindergarten classes - it is never too early to start training.  More dogs under the age of 3 years are euthanized for behavior issues than for illnesses.  Puppies (and dogs) are expensive.  It can cost over $1,500 a year to care for a dog (vet check-ups, shots, spay/neuter, heartworm/flea tick preventatives, food, and other supplies).  Lastly, please consider your summer travel plans before applying for a puppy.  We do not adopt puppies more than 1-2 hours outside of the Washington DC area (we will adopt to Richmond and Baltimore).