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Adult | Male | Adopted

Attention!  At ease.  Hello, my name is Major.  No, I didn't get my name because I served in the military.  Instead, I have it because I'm a Major Love-Bug, a Major Cutie-Pie, and a Major Happy-Go-Lucky five year old, 25# chocolate cocker.  Prior to being rescued by OBG, I was a matted mess who wound up in a noisy and scary shelter in Maryland.  Now, I'm happy to say that I'm living the good life with my foster mom and dad in Washington DC.

My foster mom says I’m a dynamite dog.  I’m gorgeous, I’m super smart, and I'm happy to show off my training.  I have the best recall at 20 or 30 yards she has ever seen- ever!!  I also love riding in the car and going on adventures with you.  Don’t let my calm demeanor fool you; I can be very well mannered, but I also need some good solid exercise and mental challenges to keep me from becoming bored.  My foster mom says she thinks agility, rally, or obedience work would be super for me - I learn super quickly like a border collie.  I know sit/ down/ stay / heel/ come and more - but those become tough when I am in pursuit of a squirrel, chipmunk or deer.  My leash manners have come a long way, but they'll only be good if you stick with them.  Otherwise, I’m back to hunting.

I LOVE my crate, and I LOVE my people.  I want nothing more in life than to be hopelessly devoted to someone.  Did I mention I am fabulously well house-trained?  I can be possessive of some toys, but will gladly make a trade with you for delicious food.  Because I love people so much, I would prefer a home without any other dogs.  I want the attention all to myself.  I'm a little wary of other dogs - especially big ones.  If you’re athletic, enjoy at least basic dog training, and also serve smoked sardines or wild salmon filets, come meet me.  I’m fiercely loyal once we bond- just be patient with me the first few weeks while I get my bearings.

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