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Hi!  My name is Sparky and I am an adorable cockapoo. If you look at my photo you will know that I am not a cocker, but hey- aren't I the cutest thing ever?  Go ahead, look at my picture, you know you want to.  My fur is a handsome buff color and I am a just right size and weight.  I weigh 22 pounds and have a docked tail.  I am three years old an have obviously been loved by someone at some point.  I don't know what happened but I found myself without a home.  It was very scary for me, but thank goodness there are nice people out there who look out for doggies like me.  

Personality wise, I am a very friendly and playful dog.  One of the activities I love best is when I get to go outside.  The yard is one of my favorite places especially if there are other dogs there.  I really do love the company of other dogs.  Cats?  I'm not sure about.  Perhaps if I meet one, I will decide I like them too.  I'm not too hard to please.   Did I mention that I like toys?  Other doggies and toys are a blast but I don't forget about my people.  I love being in the company of my people too.  I am a great companion.  

My foster family says I am smart and learn quickly.  You know, at one time, I did have a home so I know that I am supposed to do my business outside.  My foster is giving me a refresher course on this and I am almost there.  Being a member of a family also means that you are loved.  This is what I want the most, someone to love me, take care of me, and call me their own.  

If you would like to meet me or perhaps you are looking for a little guy like me to add to your household, contact my foster.  I hope to hear from you soon.