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Adult | Female | Adopted

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Here is extremely affectionate Honey.  Honey is a 7 year old female weighing approximately 22 lbs who is a very sweet little lady with an absolutely adorable cocker face.

Before coming to OBG, Honey was living with 17 other dogs in South Carolina!  As a result she has great skills for getting along with other dogs.  She is also a total sweetheart with people.  She is very food motivated and has a great nose so she needs a very dog proof house.  While she is too small to really counter surf, she will climb up onto the dining room table or up to other tables to check them out.  And if you don't have any food for her to find, a shoe left out will suffice just fine.  So she needs appropriate chew toys, but please no rawhide as she should be on a hypoallergenic diet to help keep her ears healthy. 

Honey has been working hard on her housebreaking skills and is doing pretty well now.  She has learned the dog door but it would be best if someone was home to let her out periodically, she is not the kind of dog who can hold it all day.  She is used to living with someone around all day and is a great companion as she loves walks, doesn't bark much (only if crated). and will cuddle as much as allowed. 

She is on seizure medication and will need to continue with that although she has had only one mild seizure in the last several months.