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Welcome, Dasher!  Dasher is a sweet fellow born on October 4, 2016 and weighing 8.2 pounds now!  He is searching for a very special family located in the Washington, DC area.

Dasher, while dashingly handsome and charming, sadly has a very severe heart condition called pulmonic stenosis.  This is a congenital heart condition where the major blood vessel going from the heart to the lungs is extremely narrow, causing the heart to have to work extra hard to pump blood.  His prognosis is guarded and he's on daily specially compounded meds that average around $40 per month.  He is not a good candidate for surgical intervention at this time, but he should have another echo in March/April (approximately $650) to determine if a balloon procedure would be appropriate to consider (approximately $5-6K).

Luckily, Dasher has no idea he's sick, so he just lives each day like it's the best day of his life! He loves to run and play, chew on bones and look for mischief.  He is a potty training superstar, rocks on his crate training and sleeps through the night.  He's working on obedience and manners and is picking it up quickly.  Check out a video of Dasher learning fetch here!

You would never in a million years guess this puppy had such a severe heart issue!  If someone is looking for a great dog with lots of love (and funny puppy antics) to give and just wants to enjoy each day as it comes, Dasher is your boy!  He just experienced snow for the first time- Check him out here

If you think you could provide Dasher with a good home in the Washington, DC area, please contact his foster family at the link below.