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Teddy just hit the adoption circuit, and we’re pretty sure he won’t be there very long!  I mean, have you seen those lashes?  That freckled nose and big brown eyes?  And you might have already noticed his adorable signature pose in his photos: his front leg lifted up ever-so-slightly.

Teddy is around 14 months old and weighs 24 pounds.  He was dropped off at a Maryland shelter with limited information about his past, so we are still in the process of learning what floats his boat. We do know he loves to catch water- check out a video of him here .

So far, we know he’d thrive with an experienced dog lover who can understand he’s already had a lot of instability in his short life and is willing to go slowly with him.  At this impressionable age, he needs someone who will put in a lot of effort into socialization and positive training right now - and he’ll thrive!  That small investment in time will yield a lifetime of love. 

He’s definitely looking for a home without kiddos.  He could be your one and only pup, or he would love a compatible canine companion; he’s currently being fostered with another dog with similar play styles (wrestling, vocal).  He’s also a big fan of toys and fetch, so he’d love a yard, though it isn’t absolutely necessary if walks or jogs are plentiful.  (He and his foster brother currently walk as though they’re auditioning for the final spot on an Iditarod team; it’s a work in progress, and a no-pull harness might be in his future!)

He’s S-M-A-R-T, and you might have to start spelling your words to keep him in the dark about an upcoming walk or treat!  He loves food, attention and praise, therefore learned sit in just a few hours.  He’s currently working on “touch” and “down” and is so eager to please.  After some exercise or mental stimulation, he settles in and is a great snuggler.  He was passing out kisses to his foster family on Day 1.

He’s food motivated, lanky and very light on his feet, which might make him a great agility dog.  We’re currently helping him realize that the home isn’t his own private agility course and some items of furniture are off limits – but he’s so silly it’s hard to get upset! :)  He’s also working hard on housebreaking and learning the doggy door.

If you’ve got the time, patience and experience to adopt a puppy and set him up for success, please give his foster family a holler today – Teddy is ready and waiting to make your little family complete!