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Beauty is one of OBG's Flower Pups, a group of seven girls that were abandoned by their owners in a backyard. These dogs missed the socialization window that every puppy has from birth to 16 weeks. During that window, a puppy's brain is open to defining "normal." Puppies should have positive experiences with all sorts of people, places, items, and sounds before they are even old enough to get their rabies shot. 

Because Beauty spent those formative weeks in a backyard with limited human contact and only her "sisters" around, her brain does not register life in a house as "normal." Or new humans as "normal." Or walking on a leash as "normal." Or using stairs as "normal." Everything is a potential threat, sending her into survival mode. Luckily, Beauty is of the "flight/freeze" variety, not the "fight" kind. 

At this point, "socializing" cannot happen. That window closed at 16 weeks. Beauty's foster mom is experienced with rehabilitating and training fearful pups and helping them learn that life in a home with people is a-okay. 

You can watch Beauty's videos here:


Beauty is not available for adoption yet because her foster mom is helping her overcome some of her fears (with valuable assistance from Prozac). When she is available for adoption, she will need a home with at least one other dog and no children.

If you'd like to talk to Beauty's foster mom, please email efoley79@gmail.com.