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Jack Cocker

Adult | Male | Adopted

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Jack was originally found as a stray with his pal, Jill. He was found wandering with eye, ear, and skin infections. It seems that he had not received proper care for quite some time. We suspect that he was probably used as a breeding dog and when his usefulness came to an end, he was allowed to get “lost.”  He and Jill were adopted out to loving homes in 2012 after we discovered they weren't bonded.  Unfortunately, Jack's adopter just moved and was not able to bring him along so...he's back on the market!

We believe Jack is about 9 years old and is an active adult dog. His previous foster home included a male resident dog and they became fast friends. Since Jack has lived with other dogs, we feel that a doggy companion would be to his liking in a new home.

Jack gets along with other dogs in his home but he does have a bit of a “Napoleon Complex” when he’s being leash-walked and sees another dog. He gets a bit grumpy and wants to protect his person from strange dogs. His new family will need to control his exuberance when this occurs while on walks.

Jack is also living in a foster home with several school-aged children in an active household. While he loves kids and has displayed perfect doggy-kid manners, we feel toddlers could be inadverantly knocked down in his attempts to play.

Jack is house broken and sleeps well through the night. He is not a vocal dog and makes you aware of his presence with an occasional “woof.”

Jack receives daily drops for a fairly common conditions called dry eye.  He has lost some of his vision but the drops keep his peepers mosit and help to preserve his remaining vision. Jack also came in with severely neglected ears. He saw our "miracle ear specialist" and will need to continue with special ear drops the rest of his life, and also a hypoallergenic diet. We estimate his monthly eye and ear medications will be about $18 a month.  Trust us, this boy is worth it!

Even after all the changes Jack has been through, his sweet temperament continues to shine and he seems like an insta-fit dog, who craves attention. If you would like to find out more about Jack, please email us!