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Meet Skilo, a german shepherd mix in a cocker spaniel rescue.  Skilo is a 4 year old dog who lost his home when his owner was deployed.  He was surrendered to a shelter and spent the next five months waiting anxiously for his furever home.  Unfortunately, everyone who came to the shelter to adopt passed by Skilo because he was very nervous and didn’t show any interest in meeting potential adopters.  Luckily for Skilo, a good Samaritan in the community took an interest in him and through the magic of the internet, networked until she found a cocker spaniel rescue group that agreed to make him an “honorary cocker.”

When Skilo came to his foster home, it appeared that he had never lived indoors before.  He was afraid to be inside, and when he finally got over his fear of being indoors, he had no idea how to act.  Strangely enough, the dining room table became his favorite place to nap!  Fortunately, Skilo has proven himself to be a very smart dog and a fast learner.  He no longer tries to sleep on the dining room table (which makes his foster parents very happy).  He is also completely housebroken and crate trained.  He learned basic commands such as sit and stay very quickly and will happily shake your hand in exchange for a treat.

Skilo loves to play with his younger, german shepherd foster brother, and tug-of-war is his favorite game.  Sometimes he and his "brother" can be mischevious with their play, like when they got the collar off of one of them and then proceeded to use that as a toy, LOL.  Skilo is also very affectionate with his foster family and loves to have his ears scratched and his belly rubbed.  He does get a little bit nervous if there’s a lot of activity in the home (other than the activity from him playing with his foster brother), so he would probably do best in a quieter home.  He also would do best in an adult only home with an experienced dog owner who is willing to continue working with him on basic obedience training to help him build confidence.  In exchange for working with Skilo, an adopter will get one very smart and loyal companion.

Skilo's Sponsors

1)  All OBG Dogs are wonderful, but our adopted dog Reba would probably like to meet Skilo! Happy Valentines Day!  Nancy Olds

2)  I hope you find your forever home. Bode Ray