Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue

#DoMore24 - Just a $24 Donation

This HUGE one-day charity contest is run by the United Way in the DC area with prizes ranging from $500 to $10,000 for non-profit groups who have the MOST unique donors* donating just $24 to their cause. Last year, OBG received 128 donations totally $4776 plus $1500 in prizes! Let's try to beat our record and raise even more for OBG! 

Starting tonight at midnight through tomorrow at 11:59pm, please click here to make a $24 or more donation to OBG.  Watch how OBG is doing on the Do More 24 Leaderboard and our Facebook page throughout the day! You don't have to have a Facebook account to watch our page. 

While there are prizes for most money raised, our strength is in our large, loyal base of volunteers, adopters, and supporters.  You can find out about all the prizes here

We believe our best shot at a Do More 24 BONUS prize is to focus our donations during specific time windows. We welcome your donations at anytime, but highlight three windows below in hopes you can donate during one of them.

  • 8am-10am: The first 5 organizations to receive 25 individual donations (unique gifts) of $48 or more between 8am and 10 am will receive a grand prize of $1,000. We won in this category last year, but please note it's a minimum donation of $48 (vice $24 last year).
  • Afternoon Sprint: Between  3:00 and 3:30pm, the organization that receives the most donations (unique gifts of $24 or more) during this time will win $500. We won in this category last year, let's do it again!
  • Afternoon Delight: Between 4pm and 6pm, the organization that receives the most individual donations (unique gifts) of $24 or more during this time will win $1500

Please share our Facebook posts and our Tweets! We need to spread the word as quickly as we can tonight and tomorrow.      
Many thanks to the best rescue supporters!!  The doggies thank you too! 

*Donations made by one person using a single credit card in the minimum amount of $24. Multiple donations from the same person using the same or different credit cards will not count as unique.