Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue

Greetings from Alum Scout

Dear All My OBG Friends,

Happy New Year! I wanted to take a minute and let you know how I am doing and thank all the fosters and supporters that help pups like me find perfect homes. See I was born in foster and adopted out, only to find out that I was not good with my new family’s big dog. I’m sure it was a tough decision and experience for my former family. I did love them, but couldn’t get over the big dog thing. Well because OBG remains committed to their pups, they took me back and found me a new home, just in time for my first birthday.

Since joining my new family I have come into my own. Check out my photo album with lots of memories from 2015.  I now live on over an acre of land where I get to run and I run fast (hence the Superman costume). I run after deer, fox and if I’m lucky a squirrel. However, my mom took me to training and I’m learning not to chase the neighbors. Speaking of training, I spent a week with Off Leash K9 Training. I needed to learn to come when called, sit, stay, not jump. I also live up to my name, Scout and forget where I am going if I’m on a scent. What a difference a week and consistent training has had. I am very obedient now, although my Mom is not perfect for me to be off leash all the time, but I am so much better behaved that my other doggie friends are going there to be trained.

I am still not a fan of big dogs, however I am making big strides. The more big dogs I am around, the better. I am learning commands to allow the dogs to be around me. I don’t think I’ll ever like them, but I can be better around them.

I still have my blanket that I came with. I LOVE blankets and snuggling up in them. I have taken to dog beds, but prefer the chair when  sleeping for the night. I keep several blankets in my crate. Anytime my Mom does laundry and dumps the clothes I immediately jump on the pile and make a bed and get settled in—all before she gets the first piece of clothing in the machine.

I have made a bunch of new friends. Maggie is my girlfriend. I got to see her for Christmas. I share my toys with her. She is a 6 year old schnauzer/poodle mix. We look a lot alike, but she is smaller and barks a lot. I don’t bark, unless I’m scared. Speaking of barking, I can howl like nobody’s business. My Mom and I have been known to howl on a rare occasion.

Bella is my other friend. She is a 3 year old lagota (fancy Italian dog). She and I go swimming and run around the boats. I don’t like the water, but when it’s hot my Mom plops me in the float so I can cool off. She hangs with me so I know I am safe, but I’m not going to jump in the water and swim, although I can swim if I have to.

My Mom and Dad bought a new boat. It is bigger and safer for me. I can now run around without falling off (notice the leashes in my boat pics—I had to have that for my own safety). It also has a sliding glass door to the cabin, so when it’s hot I can lay on the couch and chill out. I got new dog bowls with my name on them for the boat for Christmas, along with a bunch of other gifts. I was so happy and excited. I now have so many toys and I play with them all! I like balls and soft toys the most.

I want to tell you thank you for believing in me and giving me a second chance to find the best family for me. I am spoiled to death and love my humans. I get to go everywhere with them and loved my first trip this summer out to the bay on the boat. The golf tournament was amazing too. I truly am a part of the family. I am mommy’s shadow for sure. I know where she is within 3 inches of me at any one time. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to tell you that I like bog dogs. Ha ha!

Love you all and thank you!!! Happy 2016!! Enjoy some pics from this past year.

Love, Scout