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Help VA Animals - Call Today!

Bailey's Bill (puppy mill bill) is being heard by the house TODAY!!! The bill is in jeopardy - it may not pass, this will be a close one decided by just a couple votes. This is your chance to help animals and have your voice be heard.

According to the Hampton Roads Daily Press article, "Senate Bill 228 in the Virginia General Assembly would require pet dealers to fully disclose all breeder and health information for each animal, and guarantee that the animal will be healthy upon purchase."

There are several NOVA legislators that could be persuaded to vote for the bill if they hear from their constituents: YOU! As few as 10 phone calls could make or break this Bill!!!!!! Please share with any/all animal lovers via e-mail, Facebook, website, etc. Please!

Legislators that need phone calls/emails are listed below along with a link to be able to find your legislator. Just call and leave a quick voicemail saying "I am a constituent of yours living in the district you represent, and I would like to urge you to support Bill 228." That's it, doesn't take any more than that.

Learn more about the bill and contact your legislator here:


Find your legislator here:


These are the legislators that we MUST get phone calls to. Please, please, please reach out if you are represented by one of these legislators:

Bob Marshall- Manassas/Prince William
(804) 698-1013

Scott Lingamfelter- Faquier/Prince William
(804) 698-1031

Tag Greason-Part of Loudoun
(804) 698-1032

Barbara Comstock-Loudoun/Fairfax
(804) 698-1034

Jackson Miller-Manassas/Prince William
(804) 698-1050

Rich Anderson- Prince William
(804) 698-1051

Jim LeMunyon-Fairfax/Loudoun
(804) 698-1067

Tom Rust-Fairfax/Loudoun
(804) 698-1086

David Ramadan-Loudoun/Prince William
(804) 698-1087

Timothy Hugo –Fairfax/Prince William
(804) 698-1040

Dave Albo-Fairfax
(804) 698-1042

Joseph Yost-Giles/Radford/Montgomery/Pulaski
(804) 698-1012

David Yancey-Newport News
(804) 698-1094