Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue


Transporting is more than just moving a dog from Point A to Point B!  Often, our transporters are the first one to meet new dogs and can provide valuable information to help get a dog into a foster home soon after they arrive.

When and where do we need transport help?

  • From a "regular" vet to a "specialist" vet for ear, eye, skin or ortho consults. (Mon - Fri)
  • From a vet to a foster home.  (usually Mon - Sat)
  • From a foster home to an adoption show.  (Sat - Sun)
  • From a shelter to an intake vet (usually Mon - Sat)
  • Meeting a dog arriving on a long-distance transport.  These often happen Sat afternoons/evenings and sometimes require you to overnight a dog and bring to the vet in the morning.
  • Driving a leg for one of our long-distance transport partners.  This is especially helpful if you live outside of the DC metro area, along I-95 or I-81.  (Sat-Sun)

What does transport entail?  

Vet Pickups

  • We suggest a courtesy call ahead when you're about an hour from arrival.  That way, they will make sure to have records copied and the dog ready, minimizing your wait.
  • Bring a crate for transport, collar and leash (OBG can provide - just ask!).  Ensure collar is snug and has OBG’s red, heart ID.  
  • Plan ahead for accidents and bring towels, paper towels, plastic bags.  Also some treats, a water bottle and bowl.
  • Think about bringing a camera to get new, cute photos! 
  • Look over the foster folder to ensure a dog has received his/her vaccinations - especially rabies.
  • Ask vet staff for info on the dog's personality and any medical issues that need follow up.
  • After transport, send your observations to fosters@cockerspanielrescue.com - including, but not limited to: vet report and personality observations.  Send photos to: webpix@cockerspanielrescue.com

Multi-leg Transport Pickups 

  • Often, when a dog is coming from a long way away, we use the help of transports where everyone drives a leg (approximately 1 hour) to help get dogs to safety.  Similar (in concept only!) to a relay race.
  • Punctuality is critical.  An entire run can fall apart based on a late driver.
  • Bring a crate for transport, collar and leash.
  • Plan ahead for accidents and bring towels, paper towels, plastic bags.  Also some treats, a water bottle and bowl.
  • Take photos of the new arrival.  Even if the dog is scruffy, it helps us keep track of our charges and can help us find a foster home! Send them to webpix@cockerspanielrescue.com
  • Email intake@cockerspanielrescue.com with any observations on the dog - personality, temperament, likes/dislikes.  You can learn a lot in a single transport.

A good transporter is worth their weight and gold and we're lucky to have so many of you.  We truly appreciate those of you who hit the road to chauffeur our OBG dogs.

If you are interested in volunteering or fostering, fill out our volunteer application and send it to volunteer@cockerspanielrescue.com today!