Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue

Adoption Policies

  • A dog will not be placed into an adoptive home without an approved adoption application, approved homecheck, signed adoption contract and a check for the adoption fee.
  • OBG does not adopt dogs to homes with children under 8 years old. Special exceptions to famlies with younger children may be granted, but only in limited circumstances. Exceptions are based in part on the temperament of the dog and the dog's prior experience with young children as well as the potential adopters' experience with dogs. Exceptions to this policy must have approval from the full board of directors.
  • We primarily adopt to those living in the Mid-Atlantic area.  We do not ship dogs.  Adopters must be willing to pick up their dog in the DC, MD and VA area.  In certain cases with adoptions well outside of the mid-Atlantic region, board approval is required. In these cases transportation arrangements must be arranged by the adopter to transport the dog to the adopters home, and to return the dog back to to OBG if the adoption doesn't work out.  OBG will not be responsible for providing transport for the dog to be returned to OBG; however, the adopter is contractually obligated to return the dog to OBG.
  • Please consider your vacation and other travel plans when submitting an application for a specific dog.  We are unable to hold dogs for extended periods of time as it ties up a foster home, thereby preventing us from saving another dog's life.
  • All applicants must have an OBG approved homecheck before an adoption can be finalized. Homechecks are good for one year. We'd like everyone in the household to be present so they can be informed about the dog and adoption, as we have found this helps set the stage for the new dog to be accepted and loved by everyone in the family!
  • OBG does not require that all adopters have a fenced in yard; however, OBG reserves the right to require a fenced in yard for specific dogs in our care. The same policy applies to the use of an invisible fence.  OBG does not prohibit the use of invisible fences (provided it is only used when the dog is supervised and never in conjunction with a doggy door) however we reserve the right to specify that a particular dog in our care not go to a home with an invisible fence.
  • OBG will consider adopters who live in apartments, townhomes and single family homes, but reserve the right to require a certain type of home for a specific dog. If you rent, we will ask to see a copy of your lease or speak with your landlord to verify that pets are allowed.
  • All other dogs in an adopter's home must be sterilized (spayed or neutered) and live indoors.
  • The Adopter shall provide the dog with necessary veterinary care upon sickness, disease, injury or aging, and shall take it to the veterinarian at least annually for a health examination and recommended vaccinations, to include DHLPP-B and rabies as required, heartworm test and prescribed preventative, and fecal parasite test and treatment as necessary.
  • The dog shall reside at, and live inside of, the Adopter’s dwelling.The Adopter shall provide the dog with a securely fenced yard or other humane means of exercise. The dog shall not be kept constantly chained or tied up outdoors, or allowed to run at large, nor shall it be kept outside.